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Meet Sophie Coles: The Heart of Speaking Dogs

At the heart of Speaking Dogs is Sophie Coles, a visionary dog enthusiast and expert handler, dedicated to transforming dog walking into a bespoke experience.

With a rich background in canine behaviour and a commitment to animal well-being, Sophie has crafted a service that goes beyond the leash. Every step your dog takes with us is guided by our mission to provide safe, personalised, and joy-filled adventures in Buntingford's stunning landscapes.

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Here for You and Your Dog: Every Step of the Way

At Speaking Dogs, we understand that your life is busy, but your dog still deserves the very best. Whether you're tied up with work, juggling personal commitments, or simply need a helping hand, we're here to ensure your furry friend gets their much-needed exercise and fun.

Step Into a World of

Tail-Wagging Adventures

Unlock the door to boundless joy and exploration for your furry companion with Speaking Dogs. We invite you and your dog to experience the difference that a carefully curated walk can make — not just a stroll, but a journey of discovery and friendship in the beautiful Buntingford countryside.

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Don't let another day go by without giving your dog the adventure they deserve. Click below to schedule your trial walk, and dive into the bespoke care and exhilaration that only Speaking Dogs can provide. Whether it's exploring serene trails or playful group socialisation, your pet's journey towards happiness begins with this first step.

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Paws and Reflect: Our Happy Clients Speak

See the joy and positive change we bring to dogs and their owners. Our clients share their experiences with Speaking Dogs, highlighting the care, joy, and professionalism we're known for.

  • A Tail-Wagging Transformation

    "Since joining Speaking Dogs for their group walks, my Charlie has become so much more social and joyful. Sophie and her team's care and professionalism have truly transformed our daily routines. Can't thank them enough!"

    Emily Thompson, Hertfordshire
  • Above and Beyond Dog Care

    "Sophie Coles and the Speaking Dogs team have been a game-changer for us. Working long hours meant our Max was often alone, but now he enjoys adventures and comes home happy and tired. The peace of mind is invaluable."

    Oliver Harris, Buntingford
  • Personalised and Loving Service

    "Luna is a bit shy, but the solo walks with Speaking Dogs have worked wonders. Their attention to her needs and the updates they provide show how much they care. Highly recommend their personalised service!"

    Sarah Greenwood, Royston
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What You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you match dogs for group walks?

We carefully assess each dog's personality, size, and energy level to ensure they're placed in a group where they'll feel comfortable and have the most fun. Our priority is making sure all dogs enjoy their time safely and happily.

What happens if my dog doesn't get along with others?

For dogs that prefer solo adventures or need a bit more space, we offer personalised solo walks. This allows them to enjoy their walks at their own pace, ensuring they're comfortable and stress-free.

How long are the walks?

Our standard walks last for about an hour, but we're flexible and can adjust based on your dog's needs and your preferences. Adventure days and special outings might last longer, giving your dog an enriching experience.

Are you insured and first aid trained?

Absolutely. Your dog's safety is our top priority. We are fully insured and our team is trained in canine first aid, ensuring we're prepared to keep your dog safe and well-cared for on every walk.